Digital tools and tangible resources

for CX experts and Service Designers

More than Metrics offers tools and stuff for CX and service designers. We are a dynamic start-up team from Austria.
Smaply is a web-based software to visualize customer experience. Create digital Personas, Stakeholder Maps and Journey Maps, and make high-quality print exports.
Smaply Shop is a web shop that offers hands-on workshop material. Order large pen-and-paper templates for workshops or shop essential gimmicks for the ambitious CX designer.

Hello, It’s the people behind 


#TiSDT sold 80,000+ times worldwide, translated into 7 languages. We’ve promised an app when we launched the book back in 2010, then it became a software. Now it’s also another software. And a webshop. And another book.

We strive to put all our experience and learnings in our products – backed by co-creation with our users and customers.

Packshot of the book 'This is Service Design Thinking'

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